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Stories have been told about the sea forever. The tales do far more than just inform and entertain us. They embed themselves in our culture. We all know the stories to one degree or another. From Captain Ahab to Captain Jack Sparrow, from Jules Verne to George Lucas, the open ocean builds legends and inspires legendary creativity. The journey outward also takes a man inward. Think about it: Why do people pay a fortune to live on the beach? Whatís the big deal about a bunch of water? What does the ocean promise us? The human psyche associates some kind of mysticism with the deep blue sea, a belief in the existence of an essential reality beyond typical perception, a different world where the unexpected and even the unimaginable can happen. Out there await clarity, harmony, and the answers we crave. Out there await danger, unknown challenges, and a tasty tickle for our fear factor. And unlike outer space, this frontier is immediately accessible for every manís discovery. Explore the world. Explore your soul.

Deep Sea Gangsters live somewhere between normalcy and fantasy. They donít know it though. They just do what they think they have to do. The sea dictates things to us regular people, lets us know in no uncertain terms just how itís going to be. Gangsters operate the other way around, without regard for whatís being offered, but concerned only with what they want. They live their own way, sometimes to their advantage, often to their detriment. They characterize the dynamic oppositions of life: heroic and villainous, crude and sophisticated, resourceful and inept, asinine and genius. For better or worse, their stories make our world more interesting.

Deep Sea Gangsters definitely donít live to entertain, but maybe they should, because some of their exploits will thrill your brain. Youíve seen The Perfect Storm. You watch Deadliest Catch every week. You have an idea what goes down out there on the high seas. But thereís significantly more to the commercial industry than big, bad weather. None of it approaches perfection, and a lot of it is deadlier than anything youíve been exposed to yet! Crazy, bizarre, absurd, obscene Ė the unexpected and, yes, even the unimaginable, come to life in the world of Deep Sea Gangsters.

The Adventure Begins

My assertions, while valid, remain insufficient. And while the commercial fisherman disappears - behind behemoth regulations and restrictions, massive waterfront development, and intense global competition - so does the lore with him. I am on a mission to capture what remains of the fading culture, to explore the places, learn some history, to know the characters and their stories. I will travel the country, working on different boats in different fisheries, attempting to absorb and document as much of the flavor and texture of the industry and lifestyle as I can. I hope to bring depth and insight to the tragedy and triumph of the life at sea, and for the adventure to become its own bountiful story.


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